Cool Video: Euro Pressured Lower

As a long-term dollar bull, I was happy to accept Bloomberg TV's invite to come to the set on the day that the Dollar Index made new highs for the year and the euro punched through the $1.1300 support that has held since mid-August.  

The slightly less than two-minute video clip (here) is a part of the discussion the euro's drivers.  While I tend to emphasize the macro forces at play, my day-to-date responsibilities include micro-market factors, like options expirations, chart patterns, and sentiment.  Although I expect the euro to make new lows (currently targeting $1.08-$1.10) in the first part of next year, the next important chart point (retracement objective) is near $1.1180.  

Cool Video: Euro Pressured Lower Cool Video:  Euro Pressured Lower Reviewed by Marc Chandler on November 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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