Dollar Resilience Still Impressive

November 18, 2005
The U.S. dollar’s resilience is impressive. The head of the European Central Bank gave the clearest signal to date that he plans on raising rates on December 1st and the market could not even keep the greenback down for an hour.
The firmness of the dollar is all the more noteworthy because it is taking place most recently as interest rate differen…
Dollar Resilience Still Impressive Dollar Resilience Still Impressive Reviewed by magonomics on November 18, 2005 Rating: 5

The Reserve Dilemma

November 10, 2005
The persistent worry about the US current account deficit has subsided and has been replaced by anxiety over the vast accumulation of central bank reserves and the risk of diversification out of dollars. This concern seems exaggerated, but it is unlikely to go away any time soon.
The Reserve Dilemma The Reserve Dilemma Reviewed by magonomics on November 10, 2005 Rating: 5

Dollar Bulls Still in Driver's Seat

November 07, 2005
After stalling near midweek, the U.S. dollar’s upside momentum has been rekindled. The greenback’s gains are especially impressive because they have been scored in the wake of disappointment on two of the most market-sensitive reports: U.S. employment and trade balance. Moreover, these gains are being registered at the same time that interest rate…
Dollar Bulls Still in Driver's Seat Dollar Bulls Still in Driver's Seat Reviewed by magonomics on November 07, 2005 Rating: 5
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