Curiouser and Curiouser

July 28, 2006
In response to the disappointing preliminary Q2, the market took bond yields lower and the dollar with it. The market downgraded the likelihood of a Fed hike on August 8. Indicative pricing in the Fed funds futures market implies the odds of a hike have fallen to about a 33% chance, the lowest since mid-June and well off the 85% chance seen at the…
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Bernanke Preview

July 18, 2006
Given the heightened uncertainty about the near-term outlook for US monetary policy, this week’s semi-annual congressional testimony by the Federal Reserve Chairman will be closely scrutinized for clues. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s semi-annual testimony before Congress this week is looked.
The risk is that the market is disappointed. F…
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Could Bernanke be Dollar Negative?

July 14, 2006
The US dollar has recovered nicely from the sell-off that culminated in the immediate aftermath of the disappointing jobs data at the start of the month. These gains were scored despite the movement of interest rate differentials against the US. The fact that the premium the US offers over the euro-zone has narrowed also means that US debt instrum…
Could Bernanke be Dollar Negative? Could Bernanke be Dollar Negative? Reviewed by magonomics on July 14, 2006 Rating: 5
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