Great Graphic: Who are the World's Largest Employers?

Last week's US employment data boosted confidence that the Fed could finally deliver its first hike next month. The US has grown over 2 mln jobs this year with the rise in minimum wage seemingly having little overall deterrent effect. Australia's jobs data earlier today sent the Aussie up over a cent. Labor market reforms have been implemented in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.  With insufficient aggregate demand, there is much attention on labor markets globally. 

Someone sent me a chart of the top ten employers and I managed to track it down to a post in June on World Economic Forum by Henry Taylor.    Here is the Great Graphic:

I was surprised to learn that the US Department of Defense is the largest employer globally. China's army is a distant second.   India's military is the eighth largest employer.  Seven of the top ten are either parts of governments or state-owned enterprises.  

Walmart is the largest private sector employer followed by McDonalds.   US, China and India are highly represented, but Europe not so much.  In fact, only non Asian or American entity is the UK's National Health Service.  It is often thought to be among the largest employers.  It is in fifth place on this list. 


Great Graphic: Who are the World's Largest Employers? Great Graphic:  Who are the World's Largest Employers? Reviewed by Marc Chandler on November 12, 2015 Rating: 5
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