Cool Video: Vertical Farming

Modern farming is water and energy intensive.  The time and distance from the farm to the plate also consumes energy and distorts the taste and nutrition of food.

While there is much talk about an industrial revolution with 3-D printers, automation, robots, what we need is an agricultural revolution.  We need to apply cutting edge technology to the growing of food.

Here are two videos that may point in this direction.  They present the concept of vertical farming.  The vertical is in reference to growing food in a building rather than on a sprawling farm.

This first video is a brief (2.5 minute) clip from a CBS.  It is to whet you appetite, so to speak.

This second video is longer (6.25 minutes) that is more in depth and provides more examples. It is narrated by Dickson Despommer, one of the leading voices in vertical farming.

Cool Video: Vertical Farming Cool Video:  Vertical Farming Reviewed by Marc Chandler on January 17, 2015 Rating: 5
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