Great Graphic: Mobility within the US

This Great Graphic displays the migration between US states in 2012. Follow this link back to Viznary, which created it, for the interactive features (and a hat tip to Barry Ritholtz's The Big Picture Blog for spotting it). 

The data is based on 2012 state-to-state migration flows.  To establish a link, there must have been movement by at least 10,000 people.   The color of the line is determined by the state that contributes the most migrants.  

In all, about 7.1 mln Americans moved to a different state in 2012.  This is about 2.2% of the population. In contrast, in 2011, about 1.3 mln EU residents moved to another EU countries or about 0.25%. 

Most states, including California and New York, are net exporters of people.  Two states, Texas and Florida account for about a third of the destinations. 
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