Cool Video: Printing Organs Technology

3D printing seems like a disruptive and transformative technology. Yes, there is a debate among some economists about an innovative lull.  It seems that it confuses quantitative and qualitative changes. Being able to put a fifth or sixth blade on a razor is not quite the same thing as, say, a 3D printing. Now imagine being able to use a 3D printer to replicate human tissue and organs.

The cells to do this can come from the patient's body. This is the ultimate in custom-made mass production, which we have noted before, seems to be a meme that is in numerous industries.  It may even be an integral part of the next wave of industrialization that went evolved from cottage industry, small batch production, mass production,  continuous/flow production and computer-aided design.   

This Cool Video from Organovo and was on YouTube (This is not an investment recommendation for an individual company or industry.  As intriguing as it may be, it is some times difficult to profit from disruptive and transformational technology.  Ask the airlines.)   In about 3.5 minutes the video explains 3D printing of tissue and how it can lead to organs.  

Cool Video: Printing Organs Technology Cool Video:   Printing Organs Technology Reviewed by Marc Chandler on January 11, 2014 Rating: 5
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