Cool Video: Print a House? Really

This Cool Video is from gadgets.NDTV.com. It draws from the work of a professor at Southern California University. It shows how a house can be built with 3D printer technology. It does not appear quite ready for commercial use, but it is provocative and gives an inkling into what is possible.

Back in August, we posted a video that explains how 3D printing works. The example was a crescent wrench. More recently, we posted a video on how 3D printing can be used for organic tissue and, perhaps, eventually, organs. Today's video shows the technology taken in a different direction, and the scale that is possible.

Note that one of the challenges with 3D printing is the length of time that is required. The project website claims a house can be built in a single day.  Moreover, embedded in each house is the conduits for electricity, plumbing, heat and air conditioning.  The construction works with other technologies and requires less energy and generates less emissions.

Cool Video: Print a House? Really Cool Video:  Print a House?  Really Reviewed by Marc Chandler on January 18, 2014 Rating: 5
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