Great Graphic: International Migration

This Great Graphic was posted on Business Insider by Sam Ro He apparently found it among Goldman Sachs Top 100 Charts for 2014.

Singapore consistently has among the highest immigration relative to its population than any other country.  Although Sam makes a reference to Singaporean schools, I suspect this reflects migrant workers.  Roughly one third of the workers in Singapore are from abroad.    This has become a more important social and political issue as the world economy slows.  

Leaving aside Singapore, which is arguably a special case, the next four countries represent an Anglo-American bloc.  A fifth of Canada and Australia's population are migrants.  Nearly 15% of the US population are migrants. 

There may be many contributing factors, including  (limited) social protection and flexibility of the labor market.  However, we note that in 2010, relative to the size of the population, France and Norway appear to have had roughly the same level of immigration as the UK (~10%). 

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