Great Graphic: Generational Voting Patterns

This Great Graphic was posted on the Washington Post's Wonk Blog It shows how different age cohorts voted in recent elections (compared with the national average).   It is based on Pew Research Center data.  

Many of the key issues that confront the US are dividing the country.  The disparity of wealth and income are one set of fissures.   Another important fissure is generational in nature.  While the fiscal issues, for example, has a class (or socio-economic status, if you prefer) implication, there is also a generational transfer taking place.  

The youngest two age cohorts tracked here (Millennials and younger Gen X-ers)  appear to be the most reliable Democrats.   While some may try to dismiss this as a function of "liberal" youth, it is hard to really consider the Clinton-era Generation X-ers (aged 30-37 last year) as part of the youth.  

That said, it will be politically important to see if the patterns are sustained next year's mid-term elections and the 2016 presidential election.  It might be an Obama-phenomenon.   Whether the Democrats can hold onto the younger Gen-Xers and Millennial voters, or whether the Republicans can offer a compelling program, may very well help determine the political landscape. 

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