Great Graphic: Declining World Trade

This Great Graphic was found on Business Insider, who got it from  a speech given by FedEx CEO Fred Smith on October 9th. via @CEP_Observer).

It depicts the slowing pace of export growth since 2010, with some countries reporting outright declines in exports.  

Of course, one country's exports is another country's imports and what is captured here in the slowdown in world trade.  We have discussed the financial disintegration.  The slowdown in world trade is a complimentary phenomenon.   This raises questions about the advantages often attributed to export-oriented economies, such as China, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland.  Such strategies, which seem increasingly like free-riders in so far as they borrow from other countries aggregate demand, seem to be at higher risk in a world were demand is de-leveraging and austerity.  
Great Graphic: Declining World Trade Great Graphic:  Declining World Trade Reviewed by Marc Chandler on October 11, 2012 Rating: 5
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