Big Changes for Marc to Market

So after much thought I've decided that we are going to change things up here at Marc to Market. After 25+ years I've decided to retire from financial market commentary and focus on my true passion: Pop Culture.

Why make predictions about currencies, interest rates, and sovereign ratings when I can monitor celebrity relationships and weight. Just check out this Google Trends chart showing search volume in the US over 2011 for Ben Bernanke, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian. I am clearly in the wrong business.

Now I am not going to abandon my financial roots all together. I still think a lot of the principals for foreign exchange can be utilized in my new field. I am planning on introducing Celebrity Weight Futures to allow the public to hedge against celebrity weight gain and loss. Take Jessica Simpson for example, someone could have made a killing off of this drastic change:

And that's not all, I think my years spent covering central bank announcements and speeches will serve me well in interpreting the meaning in tweets from Courtney Stodden and the Kardashians.

So to my loyal readers I hope you enjoy the new Marc to Market and if you took any of this seriously April Fools! (You can blame blogger's messed up post scheduling for not seeing this yesterday).
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