January Superlatives set to 90s Teen Pop Culture References

Most Likely to Suceed: Solar Energy There is no getting around the fact that we have an energy crisis in this country, and renewable energy is the only way we can tackle it. Solar is the Topanga Lawrence of energy. It's always been around and it's always been a solid option...and it's going to win out in the end. 

Maybe not so much?
Actually not a Slacker: Greece This chart shows that Greek workers on average worked 48% more than their industrious German neighbors...and this entire time we thought they were hanging out on the grassy knoll with their skateboards.

Suprisingly Helpful: The Commitment of Traders report is the geek who provides the protagonist with critical insight/information that is essential to the plot development. Where would Zack Morris be without Screech hacking into Belding's computer/getting a hidden mic into the girls sleepover etc. etc. etc.?

Most Contrarian: Thinking Spain is more Worrisome than Italy is like Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You, sure it/she may be tempestuous, but you know in the back of your mind it/she is right/cool.

Most Forward Looking: Seeing past the PSI data is like looking past Jessie Spano's "together" facade to recognize her dangerous addiction to caffeine pills. Really who can forget this magical moment.

Big Picture View: Recognizing The Marginalization of Western Europe is like the slow realization that Steve and DJ were going to break up.
Hair Drama: Speculating if the ECB would take a haircut was like the promos for the second season premier of Felicity.
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