Best Performers in the Long Term

The gold "bugs" seem to imply that nothing has outperformed gold in the long run and they see its return over the past decade (246%) as proof its superiority.

What has outperformed gold? Platinum has gained 255% over the past 10-years. Still in the precious metal universe. In the currency universe, several have outperformed gold over the past decade, though I am not sure that that out performance means that they were or are good investments.

The Angolan kwanza has appreciated (spot, excluding interest) by 274908%. The Bulgarian lev has appreciated by 125436%. The Tajikistani somoni has appreciated by 22336%. The Afghanistan afghani 9400% and the Belarusian ruble has appreciated by 3680%.

Among the major currencies, looking at total return (spot plus interest), the New Zealand dollar is the best performer, returning 160%, with the Australian dollar returning 154%. The Norwegian krone has generated a total return of almost 113% and the Canadian dollar 108%. The euro has returned 74%. Sterling almost 67%. The US dollar has nearly returned 46%, while the Japanese yen has provided a total return of 27.5%.
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