Cool Video: Must See Hollie McNish on Immigration

Immigration is a hot issue throughout the high income countries.  In the US, President Obama has evoked executive action to implement reform of the US immigration system.  In the UK, Prime Minister Cameron outlined ways he wants to fill the gap now that the European Court of Justice has ruled that countries are not obligated to give welfare benefits to unemployed migrants.  Cameron has proposed that immigrants get no welfare benefits for four years, and unemployed migrants cannot stay in the country after six months.   

Germany, also a critic of what has been called "welfare tourism", quickly indicated it was eager to discuss the issue with the UK.  Cameron has promised that if he is given a majority in the May 2015 election there will be a referendum on EU membership. The latest UK polls indicate that immigration has replaced the economy as the number one issue.  Cameron seems to have picked this as the issue to push for EU reform to solidify his right-wing and drain support from UKIP.  

It is predictable that in times of great economic stress, including high unemployment, uneven development and a regime of austerity, that immigrants and migrant workers act as lightening rods of the heightened anxiety.  There is another side to the issue.  This Cool Video by Hollie McNish is a creative expression of the fear that immigration is being used a wedge issue.   

McNish is inspired by the economist Philippe Legrain and his book "Immigrants:  Your Country Needs Them."   It is a 2.25 minute high energy, creative, poetic argument.  

Cool Video: Must See Hollie McNish on Immigration Cool Video:  Must See Hollie McNish on Immigration Reviewed by Marc Chandler on November 29, 2014 Rating: 5
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