Great Graphic: The Second Religion of US States

This Great Graphic comes from the Washington Post.   Drawing on the religious census conducted every ten years by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, it depicts the second most common religion by state after Christianity, which in its three forms (Catholic, Protestant and Mormon).  

Three-quarters of Americans identify with Christianity.  Half of us are Protestant, 23% Catholic and 2% Mormon.   It is what happens after Christianity that is rather surprising.  

South Carolina, (light green) has more practitioners of the Baha'i faith than any other religion after Christianity.  In Arizona and Delaware (rust) Hindu is the second most common religion.   In the Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii (mustard), Buddhism is the largest non-Christian religion.  

There are twenty states (forest green) in the south and Midwest that after Christianity, Islam has the most adherents.  The upper Northeast and a few other states (pink), like Tennessee, Missouri and Minnesota, Judaism is the second largest religion. 

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