Great Graphic: US Exports by State

This Great Graphic was posted by Andy Kiersz on Business Insider  It draw on data from the US Census and shows the most important (by dollar value) export of each of the 50 states in the US.  

For nearly a quarter of the states (12), airplanes or airplane components  are the largest export.  A little more than 14% of the states (7) have oil as their biggest export.  For 10% of the US states (5) computer components was the largest export. An eighth of the states (4) record the dollar value of gold as their largest export. 

There are many surprises.   Who would have thought that zinc ore was Alaska's largest export or that diamond jewelry was New York's largest export? What about sodium carbonate being Wyoming's largest export?  Minnesota and Tennessee have the same major export, medical equipment/devices.  

One caveat is about crude oil.  There is a ban on exporting crude oil produced in the United States. Yet the Census Dept figures show that it is the largest export for North Dakota and New Hampshire.    More of North Dakota's exports go to Canada than all the other countries combined. Does North Dakota really export crude oil to Canada?  

What about New Hampshire?   The skeptic dug deeper and found that according to New Hampshire's reckoning, its largest export in 2013 was industrial machinery, including computers, followed by electrical machinery, including television and sound equipment.  

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