Great Graphic: ECB Options

The financial conditions in Europe do not appear supportive for the regional economy that has graduated from contraction to stagnation.  Money supply growth is slow.  Lending to businesses and households continues to contract.  The decline in inflation (disinflation) is threatening to morph into falling prices (deflation) in a growing part of the euro area.

This Great Graphic was posted on FT Alphaville.  It is from Deutsche Bank.  It is a formalized look at the many of the options the ECB.  It is not exhaustive and today's talk about a possible lending-for-funding type of LTRO is not included in the matrix.    Perhaps it is most useful as a broad framework to structure one's own thinking rather than a set of answers. 
Great Graphic: ECB Options Great Graphic:  ECB Options Reviewed by Marc Chandler on November 28, 2013 Rating: 5
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