Great Graphic Women CEOs

This Great Graphic comes from Motif Investing.  It looks at the women who have climbed corporate hierarchies, their compensation and their role as mothers.   Although it tends to focus on Corporate America, it also provides some helpful international comparisons.   It can be seen partly as a response to AM Slaughter's widely read and discussed essay in the Atlantic a few months back about why women still can't have it all.  

A larger project I am working on, which I have mentioned from time to time on this blog (see here and here) regards the political economy as a number of relationships.  Those relationships are being transformed in an over-determined fashion--demographics, technology, crisis response, the evolution of the relationship itself are also influencing the changes I envision.  

Among those relationship that are being transformed is the relationship between genders.  The increase of women at the top of corporate hierarchies is part of that transformation, though I suspect it is simply  the visible part of a larger transformation.  Moreover, it may be the part that the old economic elite can accommodate as they did women suffrage (less than 100 years ago in the US after more than 70 years of instigation) despite much initial resistance.

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