Great Graphic: US Employment Comparison

This Great Graphic is from Business Insider who in turn takes it from Calculated Risk.  It puts the job growth during this recovery in the context of other recoveries. 

Yes this recovery is different.  Yet as we have noted before, what really stands out is that unlike previous recoveries, this one has seen the government sector shed workers.  In fact, the government sector shed another 9k jobs in July, the fifth consecutive month of job losses.  

In addition then to the well rehearsed reasons for the reluctance of business to expand their payrolls, like economic uncertainty, fiscal uncertainty, increase productivity, replace workers with machines, the shrinking government employment is an integral part of the US labor story. 
Great Graphic: US Employment Comparison Great Graphic:  US  Employment Comparison Reviewed by Marc Chandler on August 03, 2012 Rating: 5
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