Great Graphic: A Woman's Worth

Ann Romney's resume or lack thereof has sparked interest in the role women play in the American economy. Following the dissapointing job numbers for March, President Obama commented on the role of women in the economy during a White House conference on the topic.

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day (I know it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Equal Pay Day 2011). The Huffington Post wrote a great piece about about the AAUW's (American Association of University Women) research on the wage gap. In short the wage gap has improved in recent decades from 59% in 1970 to 77% in 2012 but anyone who has seen an episode of Mad Men knows there room for a lot of improvement. On Wall street woman earn 55% to 62% of their male counterparts.  My webmaster put together this great graphic on wage gap variance among states.

Great Graphic: A Woman's Worth Great Graphic: A Woman's Worth Reviewed by Marc Chandler on April 18, 2012 Rating: 5
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