Great Graphic: EU Unemployment

This is a pretty cool infographic (I had to make it small on the blog, but it's big once you click) about unemployment in the EU. For clarification (via another Infographic) of which countries are in the Euro Zone vs. European Union vs. European Economic Area check out this post.

Not surprisingly, Greece and Spain have the highest unemployment levels. Except for Germany and Ireland women have higher rates of unemployment than men. I find this interesting because in the US women generally have lower rates of unemployment than men (See chart below). This is because  females dominated fields (i.e. nursing and education for example) are generally not as susceptible to layoffs in recessions when compared to male dominated fields (i.e. construction).

What is also interesting to note is that in every country the youth (18 - 24) unemployment rate is very high, while in the US our youth unemployment rate is lower than the rate for older individuals. (See second chart)

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