Fed's QEII Anti-Climactic

The dollar has sold off on the news that the Federal Reserve will buy $600 bln of Treasuries over the next 8 months. It will relax its 35% self-imposed limited per security. This is in additon to the $35 bln per month it anticipated form the mortgage securites maturing. Its economic assessment and inflation assessments appear little changed.

The quick take away is that the Fed's statement and action is largely in line with expectations and although it is hard to see.

The Fed's focus still seems to be on inflation moving in the wrong direction and this is what investors wil have to monitor going forward.

Our general view remains that as the uncertainty surrounding the trajectory of US fiscal and monetary policy is lifted the dollar may perform better. Short-term rates are little changed and the long-end--the 30-year has sold off and the 10-year note has slipped a bit as well.
Fed's QEII Anti-Climactic Fed's QEII Anti-Climactic Reviewed by Marc Chandler on November 03, 2010 Rating: 5
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