Monday Blues

May 04, 2020
Overview: The constructive mood among investors in April has given way to new concerns as May gets underway.  Japan and China are still on holiday, but most of the other markets in Asia fell, led by 4.5%-5.5% declines in Hong Kong and India, and more than 2% in most other local markets.  Australia bucked the trend and gained 1.4% after shedding 5%…
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New Month, New Trends?

May 03, 2020
The dollar fell against all the major currencies and most of the emerging market currencies last week. The Dollar Index fell by 1.3%, the biggest loss since the last week of March, and posted its lowest close in nearly three weeks ahead of the weekend. There seemed to be a change in the market after key equity benchmarks, like the MSCI ACWI Index …
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Look Out

May 02, 2020
With the release of the US and EU GDP figures, Q1 is behind us. Amidst the great uncertainty, there is at least one thing that is clear. The current quarter is going to be worse, even if not for China. The good news is that with lockdowns gradually easing, the US and European Union, and parts of Asia are probably near the peak of the economic cont…
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May Monthly

May 01, 2020
Aggressive action by several central banks and governments helped reduce the extreme tail risk that had seemed so dominant in the second half of March.  Strains in the funding markets eased, and equity markets recouped some of the steep losses inflicted during the frenzied panic.   To be sure, most major economies were largely shut down in April, …
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Sell in May?

May 01, 2020
Overview: The retreat in US stocks yesterday, coupled with disappointing earnings news, has sent equity markets lower today.  However, the May Day holiday has closed most markets, warning of spill-over at the start of next week, though China's markets are closed through next Tuesday and Japan through next Wednesday.  In the Asia Pacific region…
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