Great Graphic: Global Gini

February 05, 2013
This Great Graphic is posted in numerous places, but I saw it on Miles Corak's blog Economics for Public Policy.  Alan Kruger, the Chairman of the Economic Advisors of the President helped popularize it in a speech last year.    
It charts the inequality (horizontal axis) against generational income mobility (vertical axis).   Denmark, for ex…
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Spain: No Mas

February 04, 2013
The accusations of corruption against senior Popular Party officials, including Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy would not have necessarily been a market mover.   The accusations raise more questions than they answer.  However, Rajoy's denial may have deterred Asian traders early Monday, but European investors were more skeptical.  
Confidence in …
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Great Graphic: France Diverges

February 04, 2013
This Great Graphicwas posted on Sober Look and was taken from Markit and J.P. Morgan.  It depicts what we have sought to describe; namely the under performance of France.   
This chart shows the euro area manufacturing PMI and France's performance.    While activity in the area as whole is improving, France has continued to deteriorate.
We su…
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The Week Ahead: Eight Observations

February 04, 2013
1.  Important and sustained trends are in place.  The dollar has appreciated against the yen for twelve consecutive weeks, which appears to be the longest streak in the floating exchange rate era.  The euro has risen for six months against the dollar, the longest advance in nearly a decade.  The six-month advance against the yen is the longest si…
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Still Raining in Japan

February 03, 2013
The Abe government is lucky.  The previous government wasted the little political capital it had on pushing through the controversial retail sales tax hike that won't be even implemented until 2014 at the earliest.  
The LDP ran its campaign as the some of the safe haven investor behavior was unwound.  At the same time, the weakness in the eu…
Still Raining in Japan Still Raining in Japan Reviewed by Marc Chandler on February 03, 2013 Rating: 5
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